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Jewelry Care

Follow these tips to get the longest life out of your jewelry:

Wear it often! The natural oils in your skin can actually help prevent tarnish in metals.

When you’re not wearing it, store your pieces in an airtight jewelry box or bag. Exposure to air will tarnish metals faster, especially in humid climates.

Clean with a polishing cloth. Tarnish is actually very normal, and can still happen even with proper jewelry care. That’s okay! Gently rub away tarnish with a jewelry polishing cloth (I include one in every order!). *I do NOT recommend putting artisan sterling silver jewelry in an ultrasonic cleaner — it will remove any patina that has purposely been added to pieces and is harmful to softer stones!*

Take it off to sleep, shower, swim, exercise, etc. Jewelry and water are not friends, and physical activity is a great way to break or lose your pieces. Gemstones are hard and sturdy but are still susceptible to breakage if not treated with care.

Put your jewelry on last. Apply all make-up and perfume before jewelry. Chemicals can interact with metals and change their appearance. Keep this in mind for cleaning products and crazy science experiments, too.

Watch for snags. Jewelry with wire prongs or sharp/pointy details can easily get caught on clothes, hair, etc. Treat it nicely.

Inspect regularly. If you see something out of place, please contact me at